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3D Paper Souvenir - Sushi

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Paperfood is a new collection of creative souvenirs to offer, to treat yourself, to send as a memory or to collect. 

These postcards come in a flat pocket that is easy to carry around, travel with and ship. It is made of paper only, in Europe and recyclable. This activity is sustainable, eco friendly with a pop design and full of humour. 

You can build using the tabs, and by folding; there is no need to plan for scissors and glue. Each part is precut. However, in order to make it stronger and keep it longer, you can add small dots of glue in strategic places. 

100% Paper, 100% recyclable, 100% Europe, 100% Cool!

Design: Laurence Calafat for Cinqpoints

Made in Europe

For adults

Pack dimensions: 23x16,5 cm

Inside: 1 box, chopsticks, 3 California Rolls, 2 salmon sushis, 2 tamago sushis, 1 shrimp sushi