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Blending Pencil

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This is a special blending pencil that is clear and considerably harder than the rest of the crayons. This blender is usually used with them to spread the pigment, facilitate blending and overlapping of colours, or to unify shades, since crayon drawing can be structured depending on the surface. You can use the blender to achieve a smoother look, making the drawing look unified and the coloured areas calmer.

Ways to use the blender:

  • Blending shades on the paper
  • Gradual spreading of the colour into transparent one
  • Unification (thickening) of the colour applied with a crayon, the drawing has more intense coverage
  • Batik, drawing a motive with a blender and applying a light coloured layer with a crayon so that it does not completely cover the original motive
  • Distinguishing of the saturation in a uniform coloured area, e.g. suitable for trees, grass, etc.