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Dinosuit - T-Rex Wearable Fossil Kit

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Build your wearable walking dinosaur! Roam your realm as a ferocious fossil and experience the feeling of being a walking, stalking, chomping dinosaur.
This innovative fully ergonomic action construction toy lets you step back in time and be your favourite dino.
Easy to follow picture instructions - follow the clear step by step illustrations to build your dinosaur.
Rock solid construction - Innovative design and superior cardboard makes the suit very strong and durable for plenty of wear and play.
Easy to slot together cardboard design - Build your dinosaur by simply popping out the pieces and slotting them together.
Designed in the United Kingdom - Created and incubated in the UK with care and mindfulness.
Environmentally Friendly - 95% recyclable. This product is made from FSC responsibly sourced cardboard and minimal plastics are used.
S.T.E.M. Toy - Designed by an educator to inspire learning through practical engagement away from screens.