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Penco 4-in-1 Storage Container

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Set of 4 plastic storage containers, retro-looking which reduce in size to stack inside each other. Super handy for housing all manner of things that need organising around the home or office, or even out and about. 

The High Tide Penco stackable containers from Fukuosa, Japan integrate their way of life of being practical with a pictogram designed on the lid to include the details of its contents for each box. The sturdiness and a sleek matte finish of the design helps to keep themselves distinctive and visually pleasing! 


Small Box: 197mm x 125mm x 45mm Medium Box: 207mm x 140mm x 54mm Large Box: 220mm x 156mm x 60mm X Large Box: 236mm x 170mm x 70mm


Width: 23.6cm x Length: 17cm x Height: 7cm