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The New Outsiders: A Creative Life Outdoors

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What is it about the great outdoors that makes you already start planning your next trip on the way home from an adventure? Whether it is the fresh air, the raw beauty of nature, a life-changing encounter, or the opportunity to unplug from the daily grind, the wilderness has something for all of us.

The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity by profiling the adventurers and green entrepreneurs whose innovative ideas are shaping a new ethos. Join this community of inspired mavericks and free spirits who are exploring far-flung countries, running cutting- edge outdoors brands, and developing new gear all with sustainability and social responsibility in mind.

The New Outsiders showcases must-visit locations and unusual experiences from Iceland to Patagonia for everyone who calls the great outdoors their second home. Pick up your backpack and step outside it is time to get inspired to live a life less ordinary beneath the open sky.