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The School of Life: On Being Nice

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A guide to rediscovering niceness as one of the highest of all human achievements.

Many books seek to make us richer or thinner. This book wants to help us to be nicer: less irritable, more patient, readier to listen, warmer and less prickly. Niceness may not have the immediate allure of money or fame, but it is a hugely important quality nevertheless, and one that we neglect at our peril.

On Being Nice gently leads us around the key themes of the often-forgotten quality of being nice. It discusses how to be charitable, how to forgive, how to be natural and how to reassure, as well as the importance of navigating interpersonal relationships with compassion and kindness. Ultimately, the book encourages us to understand that niceness is compatible with strength and is not an indicator of naivety.

• An in-depth examination of our attitudes towards the overlooked quality of niceness.
• In a time of global turmoil, this book encourages and gives practical advice on how to be kinder and more empathetic.
• Over 16k copies sold of the hardback edition in the English language.

‘An exceptional book that offers a guide to everyone on the lost art of being nice … littered with wisdom, backed up with recognisable real-world examples of how to be warmer, kinder, more patient and more available to the other people we share the world with.’

‘If every human could read this book perhaps the world would be a little better and kinder.’