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The School of Life: The Good Enough Parent

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There are many things to understand about how children’s minds operate and what they need from those who look after them so they can develop into the best version of themselves.

The Good Enough Parent is a compendium of lessons, including ideas on how to say ‘no’ to a child one adores, how to look beneath the surface of ‘bad’ behaviour to work out what might really be going on, how to encourage a child to be genuinely kind, how to encourage open self expression, and how to handle the moods and gloom of adolescence.

Importantly, this is a book that knows that perfection is not required – and could indeed be unhelpful, because a key job of any parent is to induct a child gently into the imperfect nature of everything. Written in a tone that is encouraging, wry and soaked in years of experience, The Good Enough Parent is an intelligent guide to raising a child who will one day look back on their childhood with just the right mixture of gratitude, humour and love.


‘All gold advice – every sentence of every paragraph of this book.’

‘Why did I not have this book earlier? It’s concise, true, easy to understand and makes complete sense. If you are a parent. Get this book.’

‘A book so in tune with my personal ethos but which also bolstered the way I approach my parenting – and children! – immeasurably.’

‘Wow, this is brilliant. The perfect combination of frank, compassionate and useful. As I read it I was willing the words to be logged in my mind forever.’
CLEMMIE TELFORD, host of podcasts Honestly and But Why?

‘A must-read for every parent feeling under pressure to be something they’re not.
JUSTINE CULLEN, Editor-in-Chief Elle magazine

‘This book normalizes the emotional and intellectual sensations of becoming a parent, calling upon us to extend grace to ourselves in order to raise well adjusted, interdependent children.

‘An illuminating new compendium of teachings that approach parenting in an encouraging, philosophically engaging way. Its many valuable lessons [are] developed to help raise contented, interested and resilient children.’

Hardback book | 192 pages  | 180 x 125 mm | 28 Illustrations